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The Music Ministry Webring was started in May of 1998 and is a resource whereby church musicians and those interested in music ministry can explore and learn about other's activities.

If you have a webpage that is related to church music we'd like to include your page as part of The Music Ministry Webring.

Each page that's in the ring simply links to the next, and so on and so on, until it comes full circle. Each page in the ring has an identical panel (usually at the bottom of the page) that allows the viewer to go on to the next page in the ring, view a page at random, or see a list of all of the sites included in the Music Ministry Webring. We hope you'll join us and help expand the scope of church music on the internet.

If you want to have your page included in the Music Ministry Webring, you must do a couple fairly simple things:

1) Fill out and submit the form (right below these instructions).

2) After you submit the form, you will be taken to another page which will contain the html code you need.  Just cut and paste this code into your existing html, and you're all set.  (You'll also receive an email message containing this same information.)

3) The ring manager will then review your page.  If everything is working correctly, you'll be activated and become an active part of the Music Ministry Webring.


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